The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure, Part 3

Here it is, the answer to the lukewarm question on very few people’s minds. Did Moe ever find a friend when he was left alone all day Friday?

Moe pulled himself up by his boot straps and left Emerson Abigail’s house for the land of exotic spices. Try as he might, no amount of lamp rubbing would conjure an annoying blue genie he could call “friend.” To add insult to injury, he now reeked of garlic.

Tired of the Far East, Moe traveled to the second bedroom and tried to beard his way into the good graces of the Amish. Alas, he was shunned for his Emerald City loot and his ornamental tie. The Amish went to great lengths to shield their children from his worldly ways.

Moe headed forthwith to the rich part of town, thinking his jewels would win him favor. Instead, he was shunned as a member of the nouveau riche and children were rushed by their parents to the opposite side of the street.

Well, this guy wasn’t going to be any fun at all…

 And just when all hope was lost and Moe was getting ready to eat a block of cheese alone in the corner until we got home…Hark! What did Moe hear in the distance but girlish laughter? Perhaps a blossoming Bromance? Could it be…?

Friends! *cue Cheer’s theme song*


One Comment to “The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure, Part 3”

  1. I am so stealing this idea for my blog-soo funny

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