There’s a Little (not-so-early) Birdie

My mom used to sing me a lovely little lullaby called “There’s a Little Birdie in the Apple Tree.” You can think of it a little like “His Eye is on the Sparrow” for little kids:

There’s a little birdie in the apple tree
Chirping out his little song so merrily.
He’s a lucky birdie, and I think he knows
That God is watching over him where’er he goes.

But that little birdie isn’t half so dear
As all the little boys and girls that God put here.
So, as I watch the birdie in the apple tree,
I know that God is watching over me.

My mom passed away in 2007. She always described her singing voice as one that made for an adequate addition to a church choir, but said it wasn’t worth much when it came to solos. I beg to differ. I’d give most anything to hear her sing this solo again.

Plus, it’s nice to be reminded that even those of us that aren’t the earliest birdies are still “dear.” Go forth and dawdle!


5 Comments to “There’s a Little (not-so-early) Birdie”

  1. *sigh* for her, and her daddy who taught it to us in the first place.

  2. Just googled these lyrics as my almost-2-year-old son insisted I sing this song for the umpteenth time in a row, and it made me wonder where it came from! I learned it at summer camp as a kid, and it’s now one of my son’s favorites, too. We sing it with hand motions. I hope someday he’ll have fond memories of it, too.
    -from a fellow procrastinator with purpose…

    • That’s such a sweet story; I’m sure your son will treasure the lullaby and the bond you two have forever. So glad you stopped by, and I would love to learn the hand motions you guys do!

  3. Thank you SOO MUCH! I have looked off and on for the lyrics to this lulluby since my 4 year was born. I know also have a 2 year old and so wanted to be singing this to my daughters. My precious mom sang it to me even into my adult years. Little did I know I really didn’t know all the words until she passed away. The things we wished we asked our momma’s while they were still here… I can’t wait till morning to sing this to the girls at breakfast. THANK YOU!

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