My Ant’s-Eye View

Hey, dummies! I took a little hiatus from blogging. I did miss it, though. There is something deliciously humbling about sending your thoughts hurtling into cyber space for all to see…if they choose to…but they don’t. Here’s to being an ant! *clink* And not a cool one that’s been whisked to a laboratory and had glamour shots taken while magnified 100x.

Here’s to being one of the little ones that just scramble around on the pavement beneath your feet while you walk to Quik Trip to buy Sugar Daddies.

All I hope is that things from my vantage point are at least interesting enough that a second grader with a magnifying glass will take the time to zero in on me once in a while. Hey, it’s something! Enjoy your weekend, everyone…or no one!


4 Comments to “My Ant’s-Eye View”

  1. Thanks, I will!

    Yeah, it’s…weird, tossing it out there when you don’t know who’s watching; and of course maybe 1 in 100 will comment, so you don’t know what everyone’s thinking. You just kinda have to learn to trust your instincts that what you’re doing is the right thing to be doing. You have to follow your own personal pheromone trail, as it were.

  2. I loved reading this!

  3. Would you be happy if the magnifying glass were in the hands of a 60-something? I enjoy your view.

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