Pride Comes Before…Getting Cut with a Soup Can

Yesterday I found a fabulous blog called She’s very crafty (the creative kind, not the scheming kind). I’m very jealous, but anxious to glean any kind of awesomeness that might fall in my general direction.

I’ve always imagined myself to be crafty (the Natalie Jost kind, not the one-stroke painting kind). When creating a social media profile, I inevitably try to craft the “About” section to read as though I waltz through life dropping globs of genius like a self-realized pigeon. But! Then I delete all of it and tell the truth: “I am like a pigeon (the poop on landmarks kind, not the globs of genius kind).”Natalie Jost's Globs of Genius

Being regular while imaging that you’re awesome used to be easy. In the good ol’ days, awesomeness was relative. You could carrying on thinking you were relatively great compared to your neighbors X, Y, or Z. But not today! Thanks to Al Gore and his internet, I can’t Google anything without feeling like I’m not worth much more than a toot-in-a-can. And just look at Etsy! *gasp* They’re like demigods!

Once upon a time, Natalie Jost recommended painting old baking pans to use as organizers (To store what, you ask? Oh, just her amazing line of Olive Manna textiles and paper goods). Sound crazy? It is not! Inspired, I decided to pretend to be awesome. Here’s the story:

Today, I brought for myself a can of gourmet, super fancy, as-cool-as-anything-wrapped-in-craft-paper-and-colored-twine…Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Delirious with pride–because I’m amazing just for reading her blog, right?–I peeled back the metal lid of my Campbell’s and poured the soup glob into my bowl. I proceeded to (careful, I might blow your mind) rip off the label paper, and wash the empty can. Good gracious! Why ever would I do this? I’m going to PAINT IT! And I will put pencils in it! Or buttons! Or a plant! Or…other things that fit in cans… (I’m already out of ideas.) Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more great, someone asked me what I was doing. Yes! A chance to share how cool I am. “Oh nothing, just something no one else would ever think of!” And off I went about how part of my identity is cleaning and painting things that everyone else would just throw away, and how I use them to hold my globs of genius, blah blah blah.

And just as I’m thinking, HaHA! Take that, Natalie Jost! I thought of something to paint first!, I start to dry out my gleaming masterpiece with a paper towel. And then I cut my hand on the top of the can. So that  is why she’s never painted a soup can…I am apparently more demi than god.


5 Responses to “Pride Comes Before…Getting Cut with a Soup Can”

  1. It must be genetic. I, too, have the deep yearning to be crafty (creative, not scheming)!

  2. Using blood for paint?–kinda creppy

  3. Thanks for your sweet words about my crafting today! You are really funny, I love this little rant- it is so true that comparison on the internet gets really wearing at times, I try not to look too hard:)


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