Deck the Halls with Premature Boughs of Holly…

At about 10:17 last night I was struck with an intense desire to decorate for Christmas. I suspect it was because last night was the first truly cold night in our apartment. Perhaps the act of pulling the comforter tight to my (double)chin flooded me with delirious coziness, causing me (against my will, of course) to want to deck our halls with boughs of holly immediately.

What made the desire even more intense was the fact that we store our Christmas decorations in a ceiling cubby above our hallway, and I can see them from my bed. They were calling to me. Maybe I could silently decorate the whole house by morning. My husband would never have to know until it was too late. One complication: We live in a very old apartment with comically creaky wood floors. We could leave our front, back, and porch doors wide open and still feel totally safe from surprise attacks. Thusly, I gave up on pre-planning my steps around creaks because there aren’t any places without creaks.

Defeated, I woke my husband up from a peaceful sleep to share my revelation. My plan was to recruit him while he was still sleep-drunk, but he kept his wits about him and talked me back from the edge. Because I’m such a good and submissive wife, our Christmas decorations are still tucked safely away. So here are my options: (1) Wait for Thanksgiving to arrive before I lace the place with Christmas cheer, or (2) slowly decorate one item at a time so that my husband doesn’t notice.

While I weigh my options, here are three snippets of our Christmas decor last year. Enjoy!

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3 Comments to “Deck the Halls with Premature Boughs of Holly…”

  1. Y’know what you need? Thanksgiving decorations. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  2. Are they up yet??? It is definitely time:)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! Oh yes, Christmas decorations are up! I risked my life getting them out of storage, but it was well worth it! I will being posting about our T-giving celebration and our Christmas decor this very week!

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