Sad Moses. Smug Yeti.

Thanks to the incredible and free  Curiosity Group Calendar-of-the-Month Club, I will be adding to my 3-D paper creature collection in 2011! Check it out now and download your January Yeti! Can’t wait to see what’s in-store next month! Happy New Year!

My House Studio Moses In-Action Figure is distressed about having to share the spot-light…and it seems the Yeti is being a little smug about the whole thing.


2 Comments to “Sad Moses. Smug Yeti.”

  1. Thanks for the post! We love it. Signup and receive all 12, one for every month of 2011 here 🙂 Cheers!

    • Lauren,
      Thanks for stopping by! Where should the readers of My Latest Excuse sign up? When I click on the calendar of the month link, I see a place to download the handsome beast, but nowhere to sign up for the club. Any suggestions?

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