I Want to Go to There…

Here are some places I’ve pinned to my “Put That in My Home” board on Pinterest. Which of these places would you like to be this weekend?

1. Isn’t this reading nook breath-taking? Can’t you just imagine the smell of those hydrangeas, the crisp pages of a good book crinkling, and the sound of light rain tapping the windows?

2. As of late, I’ve fallen in love with the industrial-vintage look. I just love the way the clean lines mix with the rough-hewn charm of vintage, weathered accessories. 

3. So clever! And a simple project for the weekend warrior looking to revamp their space with a laid-back feel. I love the use of bamboo hangers to display the screen prints!

4. Apparently the Picassa album I pinned this from no longer exists, but I love it anyway! If anyone knows the source, just post it in the comments. I love the muted citrus color palette and the floor-to-ceiling wall decor. What’s your favorite part of this space?

5. I’m in love with the clean, simple organization of this kitchen nook … there’s order, but the space still looks delightfully lived-in. Nate and I got the magnetic spice-jars like that for our wedding (thanks, Quinn & Matt!), but we have yet to find a large piece of metal like that to display them free-form (right now they’re on their original display will a special place for each spice). I’ve thought about using a cookie sheet, suggestions?

So, there’s the rundown! Make sure to check them out at the websites below. I found them on some spectacular design sites. Be sure to share any amazing places you find in the comments below!

1. Caitlin So Homely
2. Apartment Therapy
3. Apartment Therapy
4. Unknown
5. Design*Sponge


One Comment to “I Want to Go to There…”

  1. Design Sponge has been at the top of my bookmark page for nearly three years, now. I am in love with most everything, there.

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