Saturday Snapshot

Nate’s Dad made us an incredible ladder shelf for Christmas last year. It was done just in time for Christmas this year, but its tardiness has only made us love it more. Here is a picture of my favorite shelf:

We got the metal tray and the glass globe from River Market Antiques in downtown KC (what’s inside the globe is for another day!), and the titles (on the cork board) are part of a Charley Harper Memory Game that I love. My bestie, Emily got me the lovely celery-colored bowl from Crate-and-Barrel–that I filled with Happy Tape!

What favorite things would make it onto your display shelf?


5 Comments to “Saturday Snapshot”

  1. I’m gonna post about my favorite shelf on my blog.

  2. Also, I got a Charley Harper planner for 2011. It’s the best.

  3. that shelf is awsome..just how you described it. 🙂

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