How to Grow a Vegetable in a Blizzard.

We had a snow day today. No, I’m not in third grade. I’m 25, but I work somewhere that actually cares about the safety of its employees. So here I am on my couch. Safe and sound. Unfortunately, snow days don’t bring out the best in me.

Exhibit A. Here’s what I’ve eaten so-far today:

  • 8 Mexican Chocolate Cookies (see yesterday’s blog post for the recipe)
  • Glass of milk (skim, of course)
  • Bag of buttered popcorn with parmesan cheese sprinkled on it (that makes it healthier, right?)
  • 10 Creamy Ranch Pringle’s
  • Another glass of milk with three spoonfuls of Strawberry NesQuik (maybe I am in third grade…)

Exhibit B. Here’s what I haven’t done today:

  • Brushed my teeth
  • Showered
  • Looked in the mirror (for my own safety and sense of self-worth)
  • Changed out of my pajamas

Did I also mention that I’ve only been up for TWO HOURS and it’s 2:46 right now? For the safety of the floor between the couch and the kitchen, I should probably stay on the couch for the rest of the afternoon, don’t you think? I agree.

What would you do (or not do) on a snow day?


7 Comments to “How to Grow a Vegetable in a Blizzard.”

  1. We installed a new faucet on our snow day…oh, and we beat an entire WORLD in Donkey Kong….and we are now watching a Celebrity Rehab marathon….I’m more productive than you! 🙂 Ha ha….jk.

  2. So far, on my snow day I made Kahlua. Also, it has taken me about… yep, eight hours to do my dishes.
    So mostly there was just a considerable amount of internetting.

  3. I’m not going to reply always to your daily blog, but I do read and I AM enjoying! Snow days–hmmmm. If I got to stay home, I would make a fire (if I had a fireplace). Then I would keep the hot tea with honey coming, with cinnamon toast. I’d have good music playing, and catch up on perusal of favorite magazines, and do some discretionary reading. And of course, I’d have Lully in my lap a good bit of the time. I would fight the temptation to do something “worthwhile” or to be productive.

  4. there is something about snow that makes it feel like the world has stopped moving and if we do

  5. Snow day? What’s that? (I know Emily is sick of me complaining that Chicagoans don’t get snow days. But whatevs, you all are pretty wimpy.)

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