Artsy-Fartsy Charley Harper

Last night I made a cool wall hanging for FREE with things I already own! Which, I suppose, means it wasn’t really free since I had to buy the stuff at some point… ANYWAY! I made a thing last night, but I did not spend any money on that thing last night! Here are the things you need to make your own thing for free:

  • Cool bamboo picture frame that you inherited from your best friend’s grandpa (by “inherited,” I mean no one in her family wanted it and I got to call dibs.)
  • Cool antique car book that you also “inherited” from your best friend’s grandpa
  • Left-over images from a Charley Harper Birds post-card book (Click here if you want one, but I have to warn you that this DIY will no longer be free.)
  • Happy Tape
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing in the background
  • A broken radiator
  • A crappy cell-phone camera
  • Incredible patience


1. Gather all of the left-over Charley Harper bird postcards that you have from a different project (more to come on that later). Throw them in a pile on your desk. Stare at them for 10-15 minutes trying to figure out which ones are your favorites. Take a picture of them with your crappy cell phone camera.

2. Arrange them a million ways that are incredibly similar, but somehow totally different. Take pictures along the way with your crappy cell phone camera.

3. Once you’ve picked your arrangement, start taping the postcards to the matting with Happy Tape (so that you don’t damage the postcards).

4. Get carried away.

5. Flip it over and use Happy Tape to punch up the front, otherwise it will get jealous of the back.

6. Go one step further and put some Happy Tape on the glass to give it some dimension. Chronicle this breakthrough with your crappy cell phone camera.

7. Carefully place the picture on your broken living room radiator. Voila!

You, too, can have all this and more in the same amount of time it takes to watch 5 episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!


8 Comments to “Artsy-Fartsy Charley Harper”

  1. I love it. You can draw my name next Christmas!!!

  2. Amazing! I never cease to be impressed on what you and Emily can do with cool junk that no one else wants.

  3. That’s awesome, De! Lurbe it.

  4. Dude, I love that! I need me some happy tape, post cards, frame…. basically all of it.

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