{My Favorite Day}

Let’s get to know each other better: Spring is in the air, and I want to hear your love story! I’ll get the ball rolling by telling you mine. My husband and I tied the knot on September 20, 2009 after 6 years of dating. That sounds like forever, I know, but we planned it. Why? Because we’re insane. We met our freshman year of college and talked about how stupid we thought people were for dating when they were freshmen…We started dating 2 months later. Ooops. Who would have thought that smugness and hypocrisy could birth love?

Neither of us wanted to go straight from the dorms to marriage, so the plan was to each live on our own for at least a year after college. This meant that we would have to date for at least 5 years before saying “I do.” Then *TWIST!* we both changed our majors half-way through school. Nate went from Youth Ministry to Elementary Education to Chemistry to Graphic Design. I went from Music to English Education to English. *whew*

We realized that our indecisiveness about school meant a serious delay of our nuptials. In the end, we each went to school for 5 years and lived on our own for 1 year. After graduation, I went to North Carolina to be with my darling dad, step-mom, and step-sisters. Being half-a-country away from Nate for that year was tough, but so valuable. I wouldn’t trade that year for anything in the world. I got to know my family and myself, plus, it made coming home to KC and finally standing at the altar with Nate that much sweeter.

What’s your love story? If you haven’t found your someone, no problem! I’d love to hear about *cue Whitney Houston* the greatest love of all! Tell me about learning to love yourself!

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