{Nightstands are a Girl’s Best Friend}


I think nightstands are important. They’re the last thing you see at night and the first thing to greet you in the morning. Here’s mine: books, glasses, part of my compote collection, page flags from Girl of All Work to mark my favorite passages, a desk clock, and a soft lamp from Ikea. What’s important and lovely enough to make it onto your nightstand?


6 Comments to “{Nightstands are a Girl’s Best Friend}”

  1. Henri Bendel Black Currant Candle, lamp, and a copy of whatever book I am currently reading (or about to read) – right now, it’s The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman. 🙂

  2. Lamp, Books, clock, and flowers. And, I usually have a glass of water on it when I go to bed…nightly tradition.
    I love your nightstand…great idea to use your compote collection – adorable!

  3. Always the current book, presently Jane Eyre. And the practical things, hair ties, pen, lip balm, glass of water and radio/cd player. Oh, and not to forget, ever present-dust.
    Your nightstand looks elegant!

    • Dust! Of course! I knew I was forgetting something. My nightstand gets covered with practical things every now and then (especially hair ties and bobbies). Someday I will be fancy enough to have a nightstand with a drawer to stow it all away!

  4. If you didn’t have a night stand, where would you start? (obviously buy one, but where would you buy?) walk me through the process!

    • I would start at IKEA.com for furniture/lighting ideas and inspiration. Then I would try to find something comparable at my local Target (to save on shipping!). The next step would be scrounging around the house for un-used or under-used decorative objects and making a little vignette of favorite (and necessary) things I would want to see first thing in the morning. Tada! A nightstand! What about you?

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