{blog lovin’} + Interviews!

I’ve been getting hits from a site called “blog lovin'” lately, so I decided to check it out…Guess what I found? What the what?! A beautifully designed blog reader?! I didn’t know they made those! It also has iPhone and Android apps available. I’m in love, and I know you will be too! I just finished transferring all of my Google Reader blogs over to blog lovin’ and I can’t wait to get started!bloglovin

Apart from good site design, blog lovin’ beats Google Reader by letting bloggers “claim” their blog and manage their own blog lovin’ home page! Fabulous! Be sure to let me know in the comments when you’ve signed up and subscribed to my blog. I’ll be sure to subscribe to yours in return! Just click the “bloglovin” image in this article or in the sidebar to check it out!

Also, this coming week I’ll be sharing several posts I’m really excited about. First, if you haven’t already visited her incredible shop, I’ll be introducing you to Vaida of {Kaleda} on Etsy. She’s from Lithuania and makes beautiful wreaths and nature-inspired decor that make my little heart go pitter-patter, and she’s going to tell us a bit about her creative process. I can’t wait for you to meet her! Then I’ll be showing you an awesome new store that just opened in downtown KC called Black Bamboo. *swoon* Stay tuned!


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