{DIY Umbrella Wreath}

My awesome cousin, Ashley, recently posted pictures of her weekend craft project on Facebook: It’s a wreath made of cocktail umbrellas … and it’s fabulous! Right after I saw it, I sent her a message, begging her to share the DIY here on MLE. So, without further ado, Take it away, Ashley!

If you are craft impaired like me but still like cute decorations around–this is the project for you!  I love simple, inexpensive projects that turn out looking like my very crafty sister put it together!

I learned about the project here and got all the supplies from my local craft store–except the diagonal cutters … I got those from my hubby’s tool box. (shhhhh!)

For this project you will need:

  • One Styrofoam ring
  • Cocktail umbrellas
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Any other cutie decorations you find. (When I was looking for the umbrellas, I saw some paper pompoms I couldn’t stand to leave them on the shelf, so I picked those up too.)

Time start to finish: About 30 minutes (depending on the size of ring you choose)

I chose a medium-sized styrofoam ring for my wreath base. Just pick any place on the ring and start stabbing the opened umbrellas right on through, making sure they overlap to cover the ring. I also inserted paper pompoms here and there to make it extra fun.

When you’ve covered the ring to your personal taste, cut the ends of the toothpicks off with the diagonal cutters and Voila! A cute, summer-ready wreath! This would also be adorable with some little American flag toothpicks and some sparkly garland!

I just love this idea. With simple variations, you can make a different wreath for every season, and it’s cost-effective and simple. Yes, please!

If you’re looking for more cocktail umbrella crafts, I recently ran across a DIY for this cocktail umbrella pendant lamp:

Cute, right? I found it here, and peed my pants a little. Have a happy week!

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Cocktail Umbrellas
Wreath Base
Pendant Lamp


4 Comments to “{DIY Umbrella Wreath}”

  1. I love the big umbrella lantern! Such a fun summer-y project!

    • Isn’t it pretty? That DIY uses a plastic ball (like the ones at the store we couldn’t resist when we were kids) but I found one that uses a paper lantern instead, which I like because it would be more glow-y.

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