{Etsy Spotlight: Vinender}

Every now and then I see a piece of art that makes me pee my pants a little. Just a little, not enough to be embarrassing. Ahem…Every now and then, I find a piece of art that I can’t live without. Usually, I live without it anyway or try to find some way to make something like it myself, but recently I came across some pieces that are so amazing I can’t hardly stand it. Thankfully, my step-brother-in-law (*whew*), Kevin, makes them, so–Guess what, Kev?–these are all I ever want for every birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Halloween, graduation, or Winter Solstice Ceremony.

Photo by Sassyfras Studios

Kevin and his wife, my step-sister Michelle, live in South Carolina with their beautiful daughter, Numora Mae (isn’t she precious?!). Kevin collects salvageable wood from all over the Carolinas and arranges it into amazing mixed-media art.

The result is striking. From far away, you see a modern silhouette and some seriously amazing color composition. Get closer, and you can see vivid details: little pieces of American history just begging to tell their stories.

My current favorites are his owls, but his stuff is like one of those great albums where every song is your favorite at some point or another.

If you want to see more of Kevin’s work, be sure to check out his store on Etsy. Also, as a little surprise for {My Latest Excuse} readers, enter the promo code “DEANNAHOOKSYOUUP” and get 15% off your purchase! If you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you can see some of his work in-the-flesh at Carlyn & Co. There are also some pieces on display at Daly Designs in Greenville, South Carolina.

Photo by Deb Baynum Stinehart

I certainly hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. I’m already clearing off my walls to make space!

UPDATE: I just learned that Kevin is available for custom pieces. If you would like to commission something, just shoot him an email here.

Unless otherwise specified, all images were used courtesy of Kevin Stinehart.


7 Responses to “{Etsy Spotlight: Vinender}”

  1. I loooooooove the America one…well, I love all of them, but the America one most. America is favorite.

  2. I love Kevin’s stuff, he and my son grew up together. They were best buds all through school. So fun and so proud to know the artist. BTW, they are a beautiful family.

  3. these pictures are so cute i want one of those little owls in my life!


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