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Sad Moses. Smug Yeti.

Thanks to the incredible and free  Curiosity Group Calendar-of-the-Month Club, I will be adding to my 3-D paper creature collection in 2011! Check it out now and download your January Yeti! Can’t wait to see what’s in-store next month! Happy New Year!

My House Studio Moses In-Action Figure is distressed about having to share the spot-light…and it seems the Yeti is being a little smug about the whole thing.


The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure, Part 3

Here it is, the answer to the lukewarm question on very few people’s minds. Did Moe ever find a friend when he was left alone all day Friday?

Moe pulled himself up by his boot straps and left Emerson Abigail’s house for the land of exotic spices. Try as he might, no amount of lamp rubbing would conjure an annoying blue genie he could call “friend.” To add insult to injury, he now reeked of garlic.

Tired of the Far East, Moe traveled to the second bedroom and tried to beard his way into the good graces of the Amish. Alas, he was shunned for his Emerald City loot and his ornamental tie. The Amish went to great lengths to shield their children from his worldly ways.

Moe headed forthwith to the rich part of town, thinking his jewels would win him favor. Instead, he was shunned as a member of the nouveau riche and children were rushed by their parents to the opposite side of the street.

Well, this guy wasn’t going to be any fun at all…

 And just when all hope was lost and Moe was getting ready to eat a block of cheese alone in the corner until we got home…Hark! What did Moe hear in the distance but girlish laughter? Perhaps a blossoming Bromance? Could it be…?

Friends! *cue Cheer’s theme song*


The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure, Part 2

Naturally, home-Moses (Moe) was left alone in the house all day whilst my dear husband and I were out bringing home the bucks. We didn’t even think to remove one of his ribs and create for him a companion, so he wandered the apartment looking for a friend… 

He met for brunch with some old friends from his days wandering in the wilderness, but he was surprised to find that they were still harboring some serious grudges against him for their past hardships…

Moe carried on and ended up running across come rich folks at the horse races. Sadly, they took one look at his bare feet and scraggly beard, and wanted nothing more to do with him.

Moe finally saw what looked to be a city in the distance. As he got closer, he saw that it was the Emerald City…but, alas, everyone was away protesting an off-Broadway showing of Wicked…

Emerson Abigail, the friendly house rabbit, took pity on Moe and invited him to lunch. Moe found himself unable to work up an appetite for rabbit food and Emerson Abigail wasn’t much for conversation.

He collapsed in despair.

Will Moe ever find a friend? Tune in tomorrow for the breathtaking conclusion of The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure (!


The Adventures of Moses Inaction Figure, Part 1

Here it is, everyone! The House Studio recently released the template for a glorious Moses InAction figure here. Though he appears melancholy, Moses is ready for both Old Testament and modern-day adventures! Here, my co-workers and I have shown work-Moses the time of his life! Part Two will be posted later tonight: I left my home-Moses at home alone with the camera all day and who knows what kinds of shenanigans he’s gotten himself into (…

Don’t burn your hand, Moses!

Moses shows that Red Sea who’s boss! 

Moses demands the release of all GMC employees at closing time. (Created by Tom Felder.)

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