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{Madewell Blogger Event}

On July 15th, you will find me at Town Center Plaza. Why? The Madewell blogger event is from 5-7 PM, and I simply refuse to miss it.

Don’t be fooled, though! Even though it’s called the Madewell blogger event, it’s open to anyone that RSVPs to the fabulous Meggy of Chasing Davies.

What are you in for if you RSVP? A peek at new arrivals, fashion previews, discounts, giveaways, and *drum roll, please* a Madewell braid bar!

To RSVP, visit Meggy’s blog and shoot her an email. And don’t forget to connect with Madewell on Facebook and Twitter! Hope to see you there!


{Happy Memories}

On this day in 2008, I saw the ocean for the first time ever. I took this picture with my cell phone camera as my best friend (an ocean veteran) and I approached the North Carolina shore. Looking at it I can still feel the breeze on my face and the sun burning my skin to a delightfully bubbly crisp…

Love you, Joanna!


Happy {busy} Weekend!

It’s been a little bit too long since my last post, but boy howdy! this has been a hectic Spring … and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Nate and I are leaving for Iowa tonight to help his parents sandbag around the Evans Homestead in preparation for flooding. We will also be moving everything out of their basement in case the water level rises to 37 feet, which it’s expected to do within the next 3 weeks (flood stage is 29 feet). Thankfully, Nate’s best friend, Daniel, from {Our Waldo Bungie} has offered to come along and lend some man power. Thank you, Daniel!

Not surprisingly, during times like this—filled with tasks and chaos and crazy weather—my aesthetics shift a bit. When I feel organized and relaxed, I {gravitate} toward spaces and art that are filled to the brim (almost cluttered) with pretty things and bright colors:

When I feel busy and scattered and stressed, I gravitate toward spaces and art with a neutral, muted palette that are simple and clean:

I’m sure this is a common phenomenon, but you better believe I will be imagining myself in that fluffy white bed when things get hectic in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping you have a happy, relaxing, chill weekend filled with simple pleasures! See you next week!

Image Sources:
1.  Workspace: Design*Sponge
2.  Tree Print: Eloise Renouf
3. Balloon Print: Violet May
4. Dining Room: Design*Sponge and Fog Linen Work
5. Grey and White Bedroom: The Style Files


I Want to Go to There.

When I was in college I went through a phase where I wanted to abandon everything and go to South America. I’m not sure why I chose South America to escape to…maybe it seemed close enough to home to not be a risk, but just rough enough around the edges to sound cool. But there was something gritty about it: “I’m going to go to South America and be hot and sweaty and dusty all the time, and not wear sunscreen, and escape to humid areas every now and then and get even more sweaty, and then I’m going to eat a really spicy food without having water nearby, and all this time I’m going to be reading Tropic of Cancer and something by Kafka.”

Instantly cool, right? Right.

On one of my first days back at college after my mom passed away, one of my English teachers asked us to close our eyes and envision a happy place. Such a lame question, I know, but go with it. I can’t even remember why she asked it. When I closed my eyes, I expected to see one of two things: (1) me, freshly escaped to South America–sweaty and dusty, of course–or (2) a vision of me laughing at her for asking such a lame question. Instead, I actually went somewhere real. Somewhere I thought my mind wouldn’t have the guts to go: I was floating above my childhood home in South Dakota. Right above the peak of the A-frame. It was slightly windy, and I could see everything: the 10 foot-tall lilac bushes in a horseshoe formation on one side of the house, the clothes line on the other, the barn, and the entire front and back lawn. The sunroom wasn’t built yet (I know exactly why, but I can’t bring myself to type it).

I saw Mom and me hanging out the laundry together. Well, it was her hanging the laundry. I was still too short to reach the line, so I was the keeper of the clothes pins. We were hanging up a faded floral sheet that would undoubtedly be pooped on by a bird and need to be rewashed. And we were laughing. The sun was starting to get low in the sky, and I would venture a guess that it was about 5:00p.

Stephen (my brother) was probably inside making an amazing model airplane with nothing but hot glue, cardboard, straws, and saran wrap just because he could, and he’s that brilliant. Dave (my step-dad) was mowing the front lawn with the freshly restored Ford tractor, and all was well. We would probably go inside soon and make Dave’s favorite meal: hamburgers and boiled potatoes. Since it was summer, there would be sweet corn too, and it would be perfect.

So forget South America. I want to go home.


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