Teal, Gold, and Berry


Bamboo, Rust, and Teal


{Blog Facelift}

The Pantone fall color palette got me all excited about crunchy leaves and apple cider, and I couldn’t resist giving the blog a little fall facelift using Bamboo, Emberglow, Quarry, and Coffee Liqueur.  What do you think? Any suggestions?

Looks like Eloise Renouf is getting geared up for fall too! This is one of her many breathtaking fall-inspired prints. *sigh*


{Pantone Fall 2011 Fashion Color Report}

Hello, everyone! I recently downloaded the Pantone Fall 2011 Fashion Color Report and I couldn’t help but share the loveliness with you. (I also downloaded the Spring 2012 report, but we’ll save that for another, slightly warmer day.)

The theme is Sensible and Spirited and the colors are stellar! Let’s take them five at a time:


Isn’t Bamboo luscious? It’s very similar to mustard (which you may know from the famous “mustard yellow craze of 2010”) but it has just a little bit more creaminess to it: very appropriate considering the season’s theme, Sensible and Spirited. Cream = Sensible, Mustard = Spirited, Bamboo = Perfect!

I’m also a huge fan of Emberglow. I haven’t quite recovered from my summer super-brights obsession, so this bright (spirited?) but muted (sensible?) coral had me at hello. The Honeysuckle, on the other hand, wore out its welcome mid-summer. I was surprised to find it in this season’s report, but I suppose it is the Pantone 2011 Color of the Year. (We’ll let it slide this time, Honeysuckle…)



In this group, by favorites are Nougat and Quarry. They’re the least boring neutrals ever. The Pantone website describes Nougat as “a deliciously warm camel tan.” Quarry has a slightly less romantic description: “[this] reliable medium gray, remains, as always, a practical, dependable staple.” Eesh. While I’m sure Quarry appreciates the backhanded compliment, I would like to give it a bit of encouragement by telling it what it means to me:

Quarry, you turn a blah cardigan into my favorite cardigan. You make me wonder if my eyes are blue or grey, but your awesomeness makes me okay with either. You are confident without being cocky; sophisticated without being inaccessible; and versatile without sacrificing “statement.” Thank you from the bottom of my fashion-heart.

Although, I’m excited about the fall palette, I can’t say that I’m excited about the winter weather that inevitably follows… Hopefully, the cheeriness of Pantone’s Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report will be enough to carry me through to warmer days. *crosses fingers*


{Dreamy Doorstops}


Since we live in an old apartment that only has three doors that actually close and stay closed, Nate and I sprang for a couple of these adorable owl doorstops yesterday. We’ve needed doorstops for a loooong time, but these little fellas are proof of one timeless truth:

Good doorstops come to those who wait … until they have a $10 off World Market coupon valid until 8/21/11.

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