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I Just Couldn’t … Twice

Today, I’m going to talk about two things I couldn’t do.

1) I couldn’t post about Christmas or Thanksgiving decor.

Here is why: You see, I’m a perfectionist. I get that from my darling mum. I walked around my house all week taking pictures of Christmas as realized in our midtown apartment. I uploaded them to my compy and started the draft of my Christmas post. It went a little something like this:

So, here we are! I finally got to decorate for Christmas a couple of weeks ago! Our ancient apartment lends itself to vintage Christmas decor, but I like to throw in a little bit of mid-century modern design. I apologize for the poor picture quality…I’m still working on my photo staging/lighting skills. I would ask by hubby to help me edit them, but he’s busy bringing home the bucks doing freelance design work. Not asking is my way of being submissive-ish.

Then it came time to post the sub-par pictures. I couldn’t do it. You deserve better than that! I fully intend to be un-submissive and inconvenience my husband this weekend (maybe I’ll even ask him for some extra allowance next week). He will help me edit them, and then I will share with you. What’s that? You want to see a sneak peek? Fine.

But that’s all you get! On to the next thing I just couldn’t do…

2) I couldn’t pull off giant glasses because I’m a dork.

I went to the eye doctor earlier this week for some hip, new glasses. Why? Because I’m legally blind and I’m trying to overcompensate for being a total dork. Every time I go to the eye doctor this happens. I get released from the exam room and set free in a room full of glasses that are taunting me. Rather than let the them get to me, I enter a dream world where I’m a totally awesome hipster (is that a real thing?) who can wear and pull off anything she puts on her face. Thusly, I wander around the room grabbing every cool and awesome pair of glasses I can find, caution to the wind. This time, I was juggling about 7 pairs of totally radical glasses before it was all said and done.

I sent some pictures to my darling bestie Emily so she could help me narrow my options down. I sent the pictures to Emily for two reasons: I trust her style sense, and she doesn’t know about my blindness. I did not send the pictures to my husband for two reasons: He knows about my blindness, and he’s a realist.

Some giant glasses for your viewing pleasure:

 These were some of the finalists. These were the winners that made it back to the desk for ordering where a dude tried to bring me back to reality. He tried to explain that my prescription is shaped like this:

This means that the bigger the glasses, the thicker my lens gets around the edge. This means that glasses this giant would result in a 1/4 inch thick edge. A normal person would think that they no longer had the option of looking like a super hip alien-bug concerned about retinal health. But that didn’t register at the time. I was still delirious with my imagined ability to be cool. I blame it on the ivory sad-hat I was wearing at the time. It gave me a false sense of hipness that blinded me (no pun intended) to my physical limits. I ordered the glasses anyway.

Now I see that a terrible mistake has been made. The glasses that will double as proclamations of my shortcomings are en route to my home right now…charging like angry villagers with flaming clubs and pitchforks, and I will have no choice but to put them on my face.

If I somehow escape their clutches and deny them their rightful place on my face, get ready for a really really long “I Just Couldn’t” post. And keep an eye out for a weird chick stumbling around in jeggings and a sad-hat screaming, “I CAN! AND I AM COOL AND AWESOME! AFFIRM ME!”

Feel free to leave words of affirmation in the comments. Tell me things like, “Oh, they don’t look that bad.” Or, “I’m sure they won’t be that thick on the edges.” Or “I think being blind is awesome, just don’t wear glasses at all.” Or “I have a great DIY project for making a bag to wear over your head.”

Thank you in advance, and Christmas and Thanksgiving posts will be here soon.


Fabric + Buttons = Love

Here is some buttony goodness! I love to make these into magnets, bobby pins, earrings, necklaces, headbands, rings, boutonnieres, bookmarks … blah blah blah… I hope to have my etsy store open soon, but if you want to special order some for Christmas gifts now, just let me know by emailing!

These are the four sizes I have on-hand and some of my newest fabrics. I will post all fabric options later tonight, but if you have a specific fabric or size in mind that you don’t see in either post, just let me know and I can customize your order!



How beautiful are these gift tags from Smitten Blog Designs? I die for their incredible printables!

Download them here, and stay tuned for the run-down of Thanksgiving and Christmas decor later this week!


Deck the Halls with Premature Boughs of Holly…

At about 10:17 last night I was struck with an intense desire to decorate for Christmas. I suspect it was because last night was the first truly cold night in our apartment. Perhaps the act of pulling the comforter tight to my (double)chin flooded me with delirious coziness, causing me (against my will, of course) to want to deck our halls with boughs of holly immediately.

What made the desire even more intense was the fact that we store our Christmas decorations in a ceiling cubby above our hallway, and I can see them from my bed. They were calling to me. Maybe I could silently decorate the whole house by morning. My husband would never have to know until it was too late. One complication: We live in a very old apartment with comically creaky wood floors. We could leave our front, back, and porch doors wide open and still feel totally safe from surprise attacks. Thusly, I gave up on pre-planning my steps around creaks because there aren’t any places without creaks.

Defeated, I woke my husband up from a peaceful sleep to share my revelation. My plan was to recruit him while he was still sleep-drunk, but he kept his wits about him and talked me back from the edge. Because I’m such a good and submissive wife, our Christmas decorations are still tucked safely away. So here are my options: (1) Wait for Thanksgiving to arrive before I lace the place with Christmas cheer, or (2) slowly decorate one item at a time so that my husband doesn’t notice.

While I weigh my options, here are three snippets of our Christmas decor last year. Enjoy!

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