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{Learning Photoshop and Being Awful at It}

My graphic-designer husband, Nate, is trying to teach me Photoshop (“trying” being the operative word here), and he’s having a hard time because I am: (1) stubborn, (2) overly detailed, and (3) myself. Regardless, I thought I would share my test run with you all! This should not be a reflection of my design sensibilities: It was merely me practicing resizing pictures, inserting graphics, organizing layers, and using brushes. So, please don’t be judgy. If you know me personally, you understand just how vulnerable I’m being right now.

So there it is! In all its terrible glory! The individual elements are neat-o, but my design is atrocious, I know. You can find my image sources in previous posts {here} and {here}, but the top two are from the decor8 feature by Leslie called Color Me Pretty, and the bottom one was found on Pinterest. All of the other graphic details were super-awesome free downloads from {Pugly Pixel}. Do you know any cool tips and tricks I should know about using Photoshop? I’d love to learn, and I’m sure Nate would appreciate the help! Have a good weekend, bloggy friends!


The Joy of Pink!

I’m BACK! After a massive (non)pre-planned hiatus (let’s not talk about how it was an epic New Year’s Resolution failure), I have returned to share some PINK flowers with you! In the spirit of Spring and the celebration of decor8’s Color Me Pretty weekly feature by Leslie, I have decided to share with you, dear readers, the beauty that is super girly pink. Let it be known that I’ve never really been much for pink until now. For some reason, I’ve been craving it. Like, when I see it I just want to bite into it, you know? (Rest assured, I will never bite a flower unless it’s broccoli.)


So excellent. They are all the genius of Leslie from decor8’s Color Me Pretty weekly feature, except for the last, which I found on Pinterest. Enjoy!


Spring Crush: Shane Powers for West Elm

Not going to lie, decor8 posted about Shane Powers’ new collection for West Elm recently, and I fell in love. He uses the architecture of both the plants and the vessels to create works of organic art like you’ve never seen! The collection features “air, water, dried, and cut flowers.” Take a look:






I don’t know about you, but my head is swimming with all the lovely arrangements for spring that could fill these! And imagine those air plant vessels hanging in front of a window on a sunny spring day… *sigh* What would you fill them with?

Check out Shane’s video tutorial here.

All images from West Elm Online.

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