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{DIY Umbrella Wreath}

My awesome cousin, Ashley, recently posted pictures of her weekend craft project on Facebook: It’s a wreath made of cocktail umbrellas … and it’s fabulous! Right after I saw it, I sent her a message, begging her to share the DIY here on MLE. So, without further ado, Take it away, Ashley!

If you are craft impaired like me but still like cute decorations around–this is the project for you!  I love simple, inexpensive projects that turn out looking like my very crafty sister put it together!

I learned about the project here and got all the supplies from my local craft store–except the diagonal cutters … I got those from my hubby’s tool box. (shhhhh!)

For this project you will need:

  • One Styrofoam ring
  • Cocktail umbrellas
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Any other cutie decorations you find. (When I was looking for the umbrellas, I saw some paper pompoms I couldn’t stand to leave them on the shelf, so I picked those up too.)

Time start to finish: About 30 minutes (depending on the size of ring you choose)

I chose a medium-sized styrofoam ring for my wreath base. Just pick any place on the ring and start stabbing the opened umbrellas right on through, making sure they overlap to cover the ring. I also inserted paper pompoms here and there to make it extra fun.

When you’ve covered the ring to your personal taste, cut the ends of the toothpicks off with the diagonal cutters and Voila! A cute, summer-ready wreath! This would also be adorable with some little American flag toothpicks and some sparkly garland!

I just love this idea. With simple variations, you can make a different wreath for every season, and it’s cost-effective and simple. Yes, please!

If you’re looking for more cocktail umbrella crafts, I recently ran across a DIY for this cocktail umbrella pendant lamp:

Cute, right? I found it here, and peed my pants a little. Have a happy week!

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Cocktail Umbrellas
Wreath Base
Pendant Lamp


{Featured in Joie #4!}

Today is the day! Jen Wallace from Indie Fixx just released the fourth edition of her online magazine, Joie. The issue’s theme is “Blooming,” and My Latest Excuse is featured as part of a DIY gardening article! Remember those planter boxes we made last year? You can find all the instructions to make your own in Joie #4.

Joie is “all about the art of joyful living” and is filled-to-overflowing with inspiring images and super unique crafting ideas. I’m pumped to be part of such a cool project. If you have some time, take a look at the publication by clicking here or on the image below.

If you’re visiting My Latest Excuse for the first time, Welcome! Feel free to say hello or share your favorite distractions with MLE readers in the comments below: links, blogs, pins, books… Anything that keeps you off-task and inspired! (I know I’m always looking for more things to add to my list!)


{How to Tip Your Hairstylist}

Nate and I have been laying down the law when it comes to sticking to our budget lately. So, when we heard that Jamie Ludwig–the best hairstylist in KC the world–was taking on more clients and could start cutting our hair again, we had to think of creative ways to pay her what she’s worth. After tip, the cost was just over our “killer hair” budget. Her response to our little road block? “Don’t worry about it! I’d rather see you than not see you! Forget the tip and come on in!” One problem: Tipping  is a tangible “thank you” and we certainly weren’t going to skip it! Nate and I finally decided that there is one other way we can say “thank you” in a tangible way: handmade goodies! 

April 23rd marked Nate’s first appointment with Jamie since she started fulltime again, so I set to work on making her first handmade “tip.” Here’s what I started with:

Cover buttons (size 30), earring backs, fabric, and kraft paper.

I used my little cover button kit to make the fabric covered earrings, epoxy to glue on the earring backs, and a stamp & watermark ink pad (one of my favorite things!) to spruce up the kraft paper packaging a bit. Here’s the packaging pre-earrings: 

Mini vellum bag, yellow raffia ribbon, and freshly “watermarked” kraft paper.

Simply poke the fabric-covered earrings through the watermarked kraft paper (after you’ve allowed the epoxy to dry), insert the earrings into the mini vellum bag, and use the raffia ribbon to keep everything snug and give the “tip” a finishing touch!

After I’d already given Nate the “tip” to take for his appointment, I realized that I didn’t take a picture of the finished earrings. Oops! Here, though, is a picture of me wearing my slightly smaller, blue-fabric pair:

I can’t wait to make more little “thank you” gifts for Jamie, and I hope they let her know just how grateful we are for the fab hair cuts! I tell you what, making this homemade “tip” has me feeling inspired to make some little “just because” gifts for my family, friends, and blog peeps! Any suggestions? {Check out this post for some ideas.}


{Olive Manna Promotion}

Hello, sweets! If you haven’t already, make sure you head on over to {Olive Manna} and take advantage of the special discount offered to My Latest Excuse readers until March 31st. Time is running out, so go check it out and stock up for all of your Spring and Summer DIYs while you can. All you have to do is enter the promotion code DEANNAEVANS331 at checkout and voila! 10% off!

Olive Manna is one of my absolute favorite online shops (see the little feature in the right-hand toolbar?), and I’m thrilled to be able to share the loveliness with all of you! Here are some of my faves (just click the image to see it at Olive Manna):

So lovely, right? If you want to be extra blown away, check out the owner’s {blog}. BTW, you may recall my post about her amazingness {here}. Don’t forget: DEANNAEVANS331 at checkout will save you 10%!

What would you like to use your Olive Manna discount on? I know I want one of everything!


I Need Your Opinion!

I have a plan for these Charley Harper postcards, but I want your opinion first. They will eventually be on our living room wall. Would you move any around or suggest a different color palette? I’m not sure how I feel about the bright green one…It stands out a bit too much to me. But, then again, I’ve been staring at this so long the last few days that my eyes are bleeding.

Nate and I are off to Oklahoma to see my beloved cousins, Ashley (+ family) and Alyssa. We are super pumped because they are 2 of the top 3 most awesome people in the world. If you think you should be the 3rd, let me know.

Have a good weekend!


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