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Ice Cream Sunday

I know, I know…I missed posting yesterday, but I had a good reason! I didn’t feel like it. And also, we were with family in Iowa (have been since Wednesday because my hubby’s Grandmama passed away). I posted every other day that we were there! So, I may have missed posting one day, but I still count it as a personal victory. Besides, all you missed was “Saturday Snapshot,” which is not necessarily earth shattering bliterature–that’s blog literature = bliterature–however, I will include it in this post to make up for it. 

First thing’s first: Ice Cream Sunday.

 I made the Mexican Chocolate Cookies that I linked to last week, and they were ridiculously delicious. Like spicy little chocolate snaps. *mouth waters* If you haven’t checked out that recipe, do! You won’t be disappointed! This week, I want to share a summery dessert because the days are officially getting longer and warmer days are on their way: Hershey’s aptly named “Chocolate Raspberry Dessert.” In case it isn’t clear, it tastes of chocolate and raspberries and should be filed under the “Dessert” section of your home cookbook.

Raspberries are God’s gift to man, and should be enjoyed as often as possible. I plan to make this dessert during the week and gain at least 5 pounds before next week’s Ice Cream Sunday. If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

Second thing’s second: Saturday Snapshot.

Since it’s not quite Saturday, I’m going to post something that’s not quite a snapshot. This is a short video featuring a little fishy with big dreams. He lives in the Baltimore National Aquarium, and we met back in October 2010 (when I shot the video). Take a looksie here!

Update 1: There seems to be a problem with my Little Fishy, Big Dreams video on Vimeo. I’m working on it and will let you know when it’s up and running!

Update 2: Little Fishy, Big Dreams is up and running on Vimeo!


Ice Cream Sunday

I woke up this morning and our whole neighborhood was covered in snow. What did I start craving? Hot chocolate? Chai tea? Coffee? None of the above. Ice cream. If you ask me, there’s no time of the year when ice cream isn’t appropriate. You just have to find the right one! And I think I have: Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.

Doesn’t it look amazing? I looks like simple chocolate ice cream, but in addition to cocoa, there are several key (and hidden) secret ingredients: cayenne pepper, cinnamon, espresso, and brandy. Just click on the picture and you will be taken to the source page on for all the details! (If you like the way the ice cream tastes, you must try the Mexican Chocolate Cookies recipe here.)

Make sure you take some time to treat yourself today and have plenty of down-time before the new week begins!

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