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{The Sewing Corner}

Some of my mom’s things have been slowly coming to live with me here in KC. One of those things is her sewing table. My mom made both of my prom dresses, some snazzy sequin vests for my former-rodeo-queen step sister, and many more treasured pieces at this little table.

Once it arrived in KC, I set to work trying to find it a home in our tiny apartment. The end result is this sun-bathed sewing corner in, of all places, our dining room. This setup has an unexpected perk: When we have company over, I move the sewing machine into the master bedroom and the sewing table becomes a buffet table!

We’ve enjoyed having this little table in the main living area of the apartment. Everyday, I get to see it and imagine my mom sitting in the vinyl-covered chair with her sewing machine humming along. Every item she made was a little piece of her heart, and every person that got to wear or use her handiwork knew they were loved.

I like to think that she would have enjoyed working in this sunny corner of the apartment. I certainly do! Like mother, like daughter, right?


There’s a Little (not-so-early) Birdie

My mom used to sing me a lovely little lullaby called “There’s a Little Birdie in the Apple Tree.” You can think of it a little like “His Eye is on the Sparrow” for little kids:

There’s a little birdie in the apple tree
Chirping out his little song so merrily.
He’s a lucky birdie, and I think he knows
That God is watching over him where’er he goes.

But that little birdie isn’t half so dear
As all the little boys and girls that God put here.
So, as I watch the birdie in the apple tree,
I know that God is watching over me.

My mom passed away in 2007. She always described her singing voice as one that made for an adequate addition to a church choir, but said it wasn’t worth much when it came to solos. I beg to differ. I’d give most anything to hear her sing this solo again.

Plus, it’s nice to be reminded that even those of us that aren’t the earliest birdies are still “dear.” Go forth and dawdle!

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