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I Need Your Opinion!

I have a plan for these Charley Harper postcards, but I want your opinion first. They will eventually be on our living room wall. Would you move any around or suggest a different color palette? I’m not sure how I feel about the bright green one…It stands out a bit too much to me. But, then again, I’ve been staring at this so long the last few days that my eyes are bleeding.

Nate and I are off to Oklahoma to see my beloved cousins, Ashley (+ family) and Alyssa. We are super pumped because they are 2 of the top 3 most awesome people in the world. If you think you should be the 3rd, let me know.

Have a good weekend!



Dear Spring, Heel. Sit. Stay.

I’ve been getting ansty for Spring lately. Last year Nate and I filled our porch to the brim with vegetables, herbs and flowers and I can’t wait to do it again this year! Yesterday, as we were walking into Wal-Mart, I realized that all I wanted to do when I got home was change into workout gear, and charge outside for a run to the park with my hubby. We did that almost every day last Spring and Summer. We would arrive back home sweaty and deliciously exhausted, grab a glass of water, and head out to the porch to talk, cool off, and watch the hubbub of the city. (Did I mention that we were going to Wal-Mart to get hairties? Yes, my hair is finally long enough to stay in a weird little ponytail! Hallelujah!) Anyhow, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of our garden last year with you all:

  First we had to build the planter boxes. This couldn’t have been done without Nate’s dad to help us draw up the plans, my dad to help up choose materials, and our besties from Waldo Bungie to help us with the manual labor!

Nate’s box was filled with veggies and herbs, but mine was filled with marigolds and purslane to add a bit of color!

The purslane eventually overtook the marigolds (lesson learned…), but they were ridiculously beautiful and vibrant! They will definitely be a staple in all my future gardens!

Later in the summer, we started seeing these breath-taking bi-color purslane blooms beginning to appear. Isn’t it fantastic?

Nate’s veggie and herb box was a huge success too. Here is the proud papa with just one of our basil harvests!

Here is our main harvest of lemon balm. The leaves smell like lemon Pez! The idea was to use the leaves to make tea, but we tried it once and weren’t huge fans. We’re not going to plant this little guy again, but it was fun to try!

Here we have a trio of yellow bell peppers. They were delightful, but miniature. We think we planted too many and they weren’t able to reach their full potential, but we loved them just the same!

We grew Roma tomatoes and chives as well, so we were able to make some delicious pesto and bruschetta! Yum!

We learned some very important gardening lessons last year, so I’m excited to get this growing season started and have such a beautiful garden that we earn the respect of Mother Nature and make friends with woodland animals like Johnny Appleseed. In the meantime, I’ll just have to carry a little bit of Spring with me via this incredible, handmade succulent jewelry from WoodlandBelle on Etsy:


Artsy-Fartsy Charley Harper

Last night I made a cool wall hanging for FREE with things I already own! Which, I suppose, means it wasn’t really free since I had to buy the stuff at some point… ANYWAY! I made a thing last night, but I did not spend any money on that thing last night! Here are the things you need to make your own thing for free:

  • Cool bamboo picture frame that you inherited from your best friend’s grandpa (by “inherited,” I mean no one in her family wanted it and I got to call dibs.)
  • Cool antique car book that you also “inherited” from your best friend’s grandpa
  • Left-over images from a Charley Harper Birds post-card book (Click here if you want one, but I have to warn you that this DIY will no longer be free.)
  • Happy Tape
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing in the background
  • A broken radiator
  • A crappy cell-phone camera
  • Incredible patience


1. Gather all of the left-over Charley Harper bird postcards that you have from a different project (more to come on that later). Throw them in a pile on your desk. Stare at them for 10-15 minutes trying to figure out which ones are your favorites. Take a picture of them with your crappy cell phone camera.

2. Arrange them a million ways that are incredibly similar, but somehow totally different. Take pictures along the way with your crappy cell phone camera.

3. Once you’ve picked your arrangement, start taping the postcards to the matting with Happy Tape (so that you don’t damage the postcards).

4. Get carried away.

5. Flip it over and use Happy Tape to punch up the front, otherwise it will get jealous of the back.

6. Go one step further and put some Happy Tape on the glass to give it some dimension. Chronicle this breakthrough with your crappy cell phone camera.

7. Carefully place the picture on your broken living room radiator. Voila!

You, too, can have all this and more in the same amount of time it takes to watch 5 episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!


Let’s Talk Twine

I’ve really been excited about fabric and string and yarn and twine and everything cloth. I even looked into a “Fiber” degree at the local art institute…until I found out that tuition is over $1200 per credit hour. fahgetaboudit. I’ve done some cloth-related projects around the house in recent days and plan to share them later this week, but for the time being, here are some of my favorite “fiber” products:

“Divine Twine” mini-spools via Olive Manna

Sara Lee Parker’s “Morning Glories” fabric print in “Midnight” 

Poetry and Cloth “Peace” screen print on linen

 Olof’s Daughters “Balloon Boy” throw pillow

Olof’s Daughters “2 Black Owls” throw pillow

Scarlet Fig grey and yellow chair fabric

When I look at all of these, I notice that I’m developing an affinity for grey. But rest assured that I’m mixing in a lot of bright colors (mainly yellow, orange and chartreuse)  at home. Do not take this blog post’s seemingly depressing color palette as a call for help. If you had seen my dorm room in college, or even my home just 2 months ago, you would see this more focused design sense as a big step in the right direction! More textile posts to come!


1. Olive Manna
2. Sara Lee Parker
3. Poetry and Cloth
4. Olof’s Daughers
5. Scarlet Fig


I Want to Go to There.

When I was in college I went through a phase where I wanted to abandon everything and go to South America. I’m not sure why I chose South America to escape to…maybe it seemed close enough to home to not be a risk, but just rough enough around the edges to sound cool. But there was something gritty about it: “I’m going to go to South America and be hot and sweaty and dusty all the time, and not wear sunscreen, and escape to humid areas every now and then and get even more sweaty, and then I’m going to eat a really spicy food without having water nearby, and all this time I’m going to be reading Tropic of Cancer and something by Kafka.”

Instantly cool, right? Right.

On one of my first days back at college after my mom passed away, one of my English teachers asked us to close our eyes and envision a happy place. Such a lame question, I know, but go with it. I can’t even remember why she asked it. When I closed my eyes, I expected to see one of two things: (1) me, freshly escaped to South America–sweaty and dusty, of course–or (2) a vision of me laughing at her for asking such a lame question. Instead, I actually went somewhere real. Somewhere I thought my mind wouldn’t have the guts to go: I was floating above my childhood home in South Dakota. Right above the peak of the A-frame. It was slightly windy, and I could see everything: the 10 foot-tall lilac bushes in a horseshoe formation on one side of the house, the clothes line on the other, the barn, and the entire front and back lawn. The sunroom wasn’t built yet (I know exactly why, but I can’t bring myself to type it).

I saw Mom and me hanging out the laundry together. Well, it was her hanging the laundry. I was still too short to reach the line, so I was the keeper of the clothes pins. We were hanging up a faded floral sheet that would undoubtedly be pooped on by a bird and need to be rewashed. And we were laughing. The sun was starting to get low in the sky, and I would venture a guess that it was about 5:00p.

Stephen (my brother) was probably inside making an amazing model airplane with nothing but hot glue, cardboard, straws, and saran wrap just because he could, and he’s that brilliant. Dave (my step-dad) was mowing the front lawn with the freshly restored Ford tractor, and all was well. We would probably go inside soon and make Dave’s favorite meal: hamburgers and boiled potatoes. Since it was summer, there would be sweet corn too, and it would be perfect.

So forget South America. I want to go home.


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