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“Cool” is Less Cool the 15th Time Around.


I’ve recently been posting all this crazy hooey about “Design Crushes” and DIY Storage…blah blah blah. But, here’s the thing: It’s just grown up show-and-tell. What’s the point? How am I learning to be a better writer that way? If I continue, I’m going to lose what small amount of cleverness I have left. And here are the things that are going through my head when I post…Oh, that’s pretty and handmade and indie and hipster and DIY and modern and rustic and vintage. That will make me look cool. POST! You (and I) deserve better than that. I find most of the stuff from other blogs that found in on other blogs that found it on other blogs that found it on other blogs. Ew. No more. Or at least much less. Every now and then I do find something cool that I want to share. And I will do that, but only at the end of a post with real substance.

So get ready for lots of random thoughts and thank you in advance for pretending to care! Love you guys!

A cool thing…


 Hey, I could do that!  The End.


On The Look Out…

For great storage ideas! Here are some that I love so far:

Mason jar storage featured on Weeping Cherries.

Perfect for all my crafting nic-naks! From minlillaveranda.

Oh. My. Goodness. No words. This is my favorite thing ever. From Flax and Spindle.

Super cool repurposed coffee cans from The Neatery. Such a great DIY!

Do you have any clever storage solution ideas that make your life easier? Share!

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