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Happy {busy} Weekend!

It’s been a little bit too long since my last post, but boy howdy! this has been a hectic Spring … and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Nate and I are leaving for Iowa tonight to help his parents sandbag around the Evans Homestead in preparation for flooding. We will also be moving everything out of their basement in case the water level rises to 37 feet, which it’s expected to do within the next 3 weeks (flood stage is 29 feet). Thankfully, Nate’s best friend, Daniel, from {Our Waldo Bungie} has offered to come along and lend some man power. Thank you, Daniel!

Not surprisingly, during times like this—filled with tasks and chaos and crazy weather—my aesthetics shift a bit. When I feel organized and relaxed, I {gravitate} toward spaces and art that are filled to the brim (almost cluttered) with pretty things and bright colors:

When I feel busy and scattered and stressed, I gravitate toward spaces and art with a neutral, muted palette that are simple and clean:

I’m sure this is a common phenomenon, but you better believe I will be imagining myself in that fluffy white bed when things get hectic in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping you have a happy, relaxing, chill weekend filled with simple pleasures! See you next week!

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5. Grey and White Bedroom: The Style Files

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