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Bamboo, Rust, and Teal


Let’s Talk Twine

I’ve really been excited about fabric and string and yarn and twine and everything cloth. I even looked into a “Fiber” degree at the local art institute…until I found out that tuition is over $1200 per credit hour. fahgetaboudit. I’ve done some cloth-related projects around the house in recent days and plan to share them later this week, but for the time being, here are some of my favorite “fiber” products:

“Divine Twine” mini-spools via Olive Manna

Sara Lee Parker’s “Morning Glories” fabric print in “Midnight” 

Poetry and Cloth “Peace” screen print on linen

 Olof’s Daughters “Balloon Boy” throw pillow

Olof’s Daughters “2 Black Owls” throw pillow

Scarlet Fig grey and yellow chair fabric

When I look at all of these, I notice that I’m developing an affinity for grey. But rest assured that I’m mixing in a lot of bright colors (mainly yellow, orange and chartreuse)  at home. Do not take this blog post’s seemingly depressing color palette as a call for help. If you had seen my dorm room in college, or even my home just 2 months ago, you would see this more focused design sense as a big step in the right direction! More textile posts to come!


1. Olive Manna
2. Sara Lee Parker
3. Poetry and Cloth
4. Olof’s Daughers
5. Scarlet Fig

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